Michelle Jester Media offers a broad variety of consulting to ensure that you or your company/organization is most effective in its publishing, marketing, and image strategies. With Consulting MJM's only priority, I am able to provide expert knowledge in each field with over 25 years experience and I do all direct consulting personally.
Launching your publishing and digital media plan doesn’t have to be confusing, with over 25 years of experience in the media & publishing industry, I can assist you in making clever decisions that will set you up for steady and consistent results.
Public Relations
Establishing and maintaining public perception and heightening awareness for your company or organization grows incredibly more difficult in the fast pace of social media, I can help you focus your efforts on building a trusted reputation.
Personal Image
Empowering you, whether an individual or company employees, with current social etiquette, behavior, and communication with others, I aid you in reaching a higher level of conduct to build your personal image upon.
Assessing your overall marketing strategy such as logos, websites, newsletters, email communication, brochures, ads and more, I can ensure your consistent growth in broadening your brand equity, for either a company or individual.
Partnering your company or organization with other businesses or organizations, heightens not only your efforts it also adds to your brand equity, while networking enabling you to reach a larger, and many times more acute, audience.
Facilitating and evaluating your organizations focus on fundraising or large gift donation efforts, I bring 30 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector with me to assist you in achieving your organizations fundraising goals.