Michelle Jester Media offers a broad variety of consulting to ensure that your company or organization is most effective in its marketing and image strategies. With Consulting our only priority we are able to provide expert knowledge in each field:



Partnering your company or organization with other business or organizations. This networking will enable you to reach a larger, and many times more acute, audience.

Public Relations

Establishing and maintaining public perception and heightening awareness for your company or organization.

Image Consulting

Empowering you, whether an individual or company, through your physical appearance, behavior and communication. 

Graphic Design

Assessing your marketing materials such as Logos, newsletters, websites, email communication, brochures, ads and more to help brand your company.


Consulting you or your company or organization on publishing/self-publishing options available in the marketplace to help you to reach your target demographic.


Helping your organization focus on in their fundraising or large gift donation efforts.