Michelle Jester

Michelle Jester

Michelle Jester is married to her high school sweetheart, a U.S. Army retired Master Sergeant, and together they have two children. She considers herself a hopeless romantic and loves reading, writing and photography. 

In 1992, Michelle opened her own photography company in Virginia where she lived with her husband and son. A little over five years later, after selling her company name to Lifetime Movie Network and acquiring her second counseling certification, her and her husband returned to Louisiana to be near both of their families. 

Early in her marketing and advertising career, and with no experience in publishing, she was handpicked to work under a major publisher in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas. To this day she accredits that publisher for her start in the field and considers it one of her most enriching career moves. Michelle went on to work with Clear Channel Communications (iHeart Radio) in the Baton Rouge Market which helped her better understand the non-printed aspect of marketing and advertising.

After moving on from Clear Channel she opened her own public relations and advertising firm while she attended classes for Graphic Design and Paralegal Studies.

Over the years Michelle has devoted many hours toward nonprofit work and in 2007 received the Louisiana Distinguished Civilian Service Medal for her dedication. In addition, she has won several national awards for her photography.

Michelle runs several personal & professional blogs and newsletters. In June of 2017, she published the first novel, The Funeral Flower , her second,Love, Cutter in 2018 and her third,Two Thousand Lines,is due out in late September or early October of 2019. Michelle Jester launched Modern Grace Magazine a Louisiana Lifestyle magazine focused on positivity and uplifting content in 2018. The magazine has over thirty regular contributorsand an extended reach of over 265,000.